What Is TRAI | What Is The Full Form Of TRAI | Information About TRAI

What Is TRAI | What Is The Full Form Of TRAI | Information About TRAI
What Is TRAI | What Is The Full Form Of TRAI | Information About TRAI

What Is TRAI | What Is The Full Form Of TRAI | Information About TRAI

What Is TRAI: TRAI was established by the Government of India for the benefit of the country, which is a type of organization, it is organization that creates the conditions for the development of telecommunications in the country in such a way that India is a part of the emerging global information society. can achieve success in playing a leading role.

TRAI was established on February 20, 1997, to regulate telecom services.

The main objective of TRAI is to facilitate fair competition and provide equal opportunity to all, for which TRAI has set the target of providing an environment of fair and transparent policy. If you also want to know about TRAI, then here you are being provided information about what is TRAI, the full form of TRAI, rules, and working of TRAI.

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Establishment Of TRAI

TRAI is a type of institution, which was started on 20 February 1997. TRAI is such a body, in which a chairman and minimum of two and a maximum of six members are included and they are appointed by the central government but only the chairman is included in TRAI, who is a judge of the Supreme Court or he is the first Should have lived, in addition to this or he is or has been a Chief Justice of a High Court or has previously been.

At the same time, those members are included in TRAI, who have got full experience in special knowledge and professional in any of the fields of telecommunication, industry, finance accounting, legal management, and consumer affairs and have knowledge of everything. |

What Is The Full Form Of TRAI

The full form of TRAI is the “Telecom Regulatory Authority of India”. Its English pronunciation is “Telecom Regulatory Authority of India”. Along with this, it is called the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India in the English language. It is primarily an institution.

TRAI’s Rules

  • When a customer has to make a complaint against a telecom operator, he makes his complaint to TRAI itself.
  • After this, if any operator violates the given roll, regulation, then TRAI can take action against him.

Functions Of TRAI

  1. TRAI works to recommend timings and requirements for new service providers.
  2. TRAI performs the task of recommending the service conditions of the license for a service provider very well.
  3. TRAI is the only organization that works to make technical coherence and effectiveness among various service providers.
  4. The objective of TRAI is to regulate the provision of sharing between service providers of revenue received from the delivery of telecom services to service providers.
  5. TRAI works to ensure compliance with the terms of service for the license.
  6. TRAI is responsible for ensuring the timing of local and long-distance circuits of telecommunications between different service providers.
  7. It facilitates competition in the operation of telecom services and works to promote efficiency to achieve success in these services.
  8. It protects the interests of the subscribers of the telecom service.
  9. It is TRAI, which monitors the quality of service and conducts periodic surveys of the services provided by the service providers.
  10. It examines the equipment used in the network and obtains information about the usage of the equipment by the service providers.
  11. It resolves all the problems of disputes between service providers.
  12. This institution levies fees and other charges in respect of these services at the rates prescribed by the regulations.
  13. It plays a vital role in ensuring the effective compliance of universal service obligations and performs administrative and financial functions assigned by the Central Government.

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