What Is CVC | Full Form Of CVC | Information Related To CVC Or Central Vigilance Commissioner

What Is CVC | Full Form Of CVC | Information Related To CVC Or Central Vigilance Commissioner
What Is CVC | Full Form Of CVC | Information Related To CVC Or Central Vigilance Commissioner

What Is CVC | Full Form Of CVC | Information Related To CVC Or Central Vigilance Commissioner

What Is CVC: CVC means that the Central Vigilance Commission which works for the control of corruption which is one of the highest institutions in the country, is an empowered body. Which was established in 1964. In addition, the Santhanam Committee, formed in 1962, recommended setting up an independent agency to deal with corruption. If you also want to know about what is CVC, the full form of CVC, what is it, who is called the Central Vigilance Commissioner, then complete information is being given here.

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Full Form Of CVC

The full form of CVC is the “Central Vigilance Commission”, which is pronounced as the ‘Central Vigilance Commission’. It means “Central Vigilance Commission” in English. The Central Vigilance Commission, created to address government corruption, is one of the top Indian government bodies.

Background Of Central Vigilance Commission

The Central Vigilance Commission was conceptualized as an apex vigilance institution that is completely independent of the control of any executive authority and supervises all vigilance activities under the Central Government and various authorities in Central Government Organizations. It also has the task of planning, executing, reviewing, and improving its vigilance functions.

Subsequently, on 25 August 1988, the Central Vigilance Commission has been made a multi-member commission by conferring “statutory status” to the Central Vigilance Commission as a result of the issuance of an ordinance by the President of India.

Composition Of CVC

The Central Vigilance Commission i.e. CVC Bill was passed in both the Houses of Parliament in 2003, which was officially approved by the President of the country on 11 September 2003. After which it became an autonomous organization. The Central Vigilance Commissioner consists of a Chairman, besides two other Vigilance Commissioners, but their number does not exceed 2.

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These members are also appointed by the President, but the recommendation of this committee is chaired by the Prime Minister and the members are the Home Minister and the Leader of the Opposition. The maximum tenure of the CVC Commissioner is four years.

Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) Employees Names And Contacts


  1. Shri Sharad Kumar, Central Vigilance Commissioner, 203, 24651023
  2. Nanak Chand, Principal Private Secretary, 202, 24651023
  3. Mr. Sanjeev Kumar, Personal Assistant, 307, 24651023
  4. Smt. Bimaljit Kaur, Sr. Principal Private Secretary, 282, 24651020
  5. Mr. Vineet Anand, Private Secretary, 308, 24651020
  6. No Name, Vigilance Commissioner, 244, 24651390
  7. Mrs. Neetu, Principal Private Secretary, 249, 24651390
  8. Smt. Archana Verma, Additional Secretary, 256, 24651867
  9. Shri P. Balasubramanian, Private Secretary, 292, 24651867
  10. Smt. Sonali Singh, Additional Secretary, 206
  11. Smt. Geeta Arora, Private Secretary, 240, 24651689
  12. Shri Atul Singh, Additional Secretary, 310, 24651017
  13. Mr. A. Of. Mishra, Private Secretary, 215, 24651017
  14. Shri P. Daniel, Additional Secretary, 279, 24651083
  15. Shri Uday Veer Singh, Private Secretary, 267, 24651083
  16. Mr. Hemant Kumar, Chief Technical Examiner, 209, 24651859
  17. Smt. Narinder Kaur, Private Secretary, 250, 24651859
  18. Mr. Shailendra Singh, Chief Technical Examiner, 210, 24651813
  19. Mrs. Anju Rawat, Personal Assistant, 298, 24651813
  20. Mr. Aditya Joshi, Director, 228, 24651497
  21. Shri GK Srivastava, Director, 222, 24651222
  22. Mr. Ramavtar Meena, Director, 297, 24602313
  23. Mr. Ashok Kumar, Director, 317, 24651013
  24. Mr. S. C. Sinha, Director, 208, 24651341
  25. Mr. S. NS. Mishra, Director, 286, 24651267
  26. Mr. Rakesh Desai, Director, 277, 24651088
  27. Mr. Nitin Kumar, Director, 300, 24651229
  28. Mrs. Roli M. Verma, Director, 274, 24651581
  29. Mr. A. Of. Kanojia, Director, 207, 24651540
  30. Mr. Mukesh Kumar, Director, 219, 24651762
  31. Vacancy, Director, 220, 24651583
  32. Vacancy, Director, 212, 24651899
  33. Mr. Nitish Kumar, Director, 245, 24651767
  34. Mr. J. Vinod Kumar, Director, 217, 24651019
  35. Mr. B. s. Laspal, Director, 278, 24651285
  36. Mr. A. Of. Singh, Director, 295, 24651087
  37. Mr. Kundan Singh, Director, 265, 24634202
  38. Mr. Satya Pratap Singh, Director, 263, 24651018
  39. Mr. R. N. Nayak, Director, 224, 24651392
  40. Shri Deepak Israni, Deputy Secretary, 211, 24651328
  41. Mr. Rajeev Verma, Officer on Special Duty, 242, 24651081
  42. Mr. Rajesh Verma, Consultant, 276, 24651082
  43. Mr. Manish Tandon, Consultant, 252, 24651085
  44. Shri Dharam Pal Nayak, Consultant, 291, 24651270
  45. Mr. Rajeev Mathur, Consultant, 275, 24651080
  46. Mr. S. Of. Srivastava, Advisor, 251, 24651089
  47. Mrs. Rajma Chatterjee, Consultant, 246, 24651012
  48. Shri H.K. Beniwal, Consultant, 260, 24651526
  49. Mr. M. A. Mines, Officer on Special Duty, 299, 24651223
  50. Shri T.P. Sharma, Under Secretary, 221, 24651566
  51. Shri P.K. Mahanti, Under Secretary, 309, 24651194
  52. Shri Sanjay Gwalia, Under Secretary, 253, 24651638
  53. Shri Subrata Das, Under Secretary, 248, 24651514
  54. Shri M.K. Sharma, Assistant Director (Official Language), 226, 24600226
  55. Shri Shyam Lal, DDO, 312, 24600312
  56. Assistant Consultant (IT), I.T. Section, 306, 24600306

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Role And Functions Of CVC

Under the Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988, the Central Vigilance Commission monitors the investigation of a public service employee indulging in corruption by this body. Apart from this, this commission also has the responsibility of reviewing the investigation being done against public servants. Along with this, this commission also looks after the tasks of investigating disciplinary cases, investigation of appeals, review, etc., providing an impartial opinion to the officers because the main function of this commission is to check administrative corruption.

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The Central Vigilance Commissioner (CVC) has also been empowered to chair the selection committees of directors of CBI and Enforcement Directorate (ED) and officers of the Superintendent of Police and above in the Delhi Special Police Establishment. Apart from this, it has also been given the right to investigate the matter on receipt of a complaint related to any government construction or any construction work, taking immediate cognizance of that work. It is a commission that assists the CBI in appraising properties in Delhi.

Salary Of CVC Or Central Vigilance Commissioner

Central Vigilance Commissioner (CVC) officers are given the same salary and allowances as the Chairman of the Union Public Service Commission, this is because the Government Vigilance Commissioners are at par with the members of the Union Public Service Commission and are also given the same facilities.

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