What is the meaning of dreams Part-2, सपनों का क्या मतलब होता है Part-2


What is the meaning of dreams Part-2, सपनों का क्या मतलब होता है Part-2
What is the meaning of dreams Part-2, सपनों का क्या मतलब होता है Part-2

What is the meaning of dreams Part-2, सपनों का क्या मतलब होता है Part-2

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What do dreams mean Sapno ka Matlab?

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Meaning of seeing insects in a dream –

  • Lizard – Seeing a lizard in a dream is considered very inauspicious. How the lizard is visible to you in your dream, its secret is hidden on this matter. If the lizard is sitting in one place, it means that there is going to be an accident or loss. If a lizard is seen eating an insect, then there can be theft in or around the house. But if the lizard is seen running away in fear, then it can be a good sign.

  • Bee – If an umbrella full of bees is seen in the dream, then it is auspicious, it will maintain unity in your family. If a bee is seen sitting on a flower, it means that you are going to suffer loss in your business.

  • Bhaura – Its appearance in the dream is considered very inauspicious, its appearance means that someone is going to betray you, as well as you will have to face some painful journey.

  • Scorpion – The sight of a scorpion is both auspicious and inauspicious. Its fruit depends on the circumstance. If you see this in your dream it means that a big responsibility is coming on you, which will increase your honor and respect. Along with this, you will also get success in work. If a scorpion is seen biting in the dream, then some kind of loss or damage is possible. Black scorpion is auspicious and white scorpion is inauspicious.

  • Monkey – There may be a fight with family or friends, or there will be some kind of estrangement.

  • Firefly – Tough times are going to come in your life.

  • Locust – You will suffer loss in business.

When viewing relatives in Dreams –

  • Friends:- To see friends in your dream means that your friend’s life needs your advice. Or you want your friends to listen to you.

  • Grandparents / Grandparents: – Their appearance means intelligence, a sign of love.

  • Parents:- You are going to get respect in your field of work.

  • Relatives:- To see a relative coming to your house in a dream means that you are going to get new good opportunities.

  • Brother’s Appearance: – You can make new friends.

  • Husband: – To see your husband in a dream is a good indicator, this will make your relationship stronger, and much happiness will knock in life.

  • Teacher: It is good to see a teacher in a dream, it removes obstacles in life and achieves success.

When view body part in Dreams –

  • Teeth falling out – Tooth falling in a dream is inauspicious, it is believed that you will have to face some trouble if you see this dream. This means that there is going to be a problem with your siblings in your house.

  • Nail-biting – This is a good sign, it means that you are going to get rid of all diseases.

  • Bone – This gives you a sign of getting your stalled money.

  • Cut off limbs – With this, you will get children soon, and your children will also be beneficial. But if you see your own severed limbs in your dream, then it is inauspicious, it means that soon one of your relatives is going to die.

  • Chopped head – If you see your own severed head in your dream, it means that you are going to worry, some kind of trouble is going to happen.

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When viewing Building in Dreams –

  • Building a building – It is good to see a house being built or a building being built. This will give you progress in the future.

  • Height – Many people are afraid of heights, they always have this fear that they may fall from a height. They also see this fear in their dreams, it means that some trouble is going to come in life.

  • Fort – Represents your physical body or shows your ability and development. Also a sign of happiness.

  • Mahal – This is a good indicator, it means that the troubles of the person are about to end.

  • Station – It means that you will have a pleasant travel experience in the coming time.

  • Cemetery – It means that you will get money and you will get respect in society.

  • Shop – It is considered bad to see an empty shop, it leads to loss of money, while it is considered good to see a full shop, it increases wealth.

  • Post Office – You will get progress in your work.

When viewing the appearance of a particular person –

  • Children – To see a child in your dream means that you do not consider yourself mature for any work, or you need to develop and mature more in the work you are doing.

  • Crying child – If a crying child is seen in your dream, it means that some disappointment is going to come in your life, some disease or some other bad news may come.

  • Seeing Laughing – If you see yourself laughing it means that you are going to get upset with someone soon.

  • Doctor – It means you are going to have some disease.

  • Guest – It means that some problem is going to come to your house.

  • Postman – It means that some good news is going to come to your house.

  • Priest – You are going to get progress in the future.

  • Beggar – You can travel.

  • Widow – You are going to suffer some loss.

  • Girl – Seeing a young girl is a good sign, it means that your marriage is going to happen soon.

  • The appearance of sage, sannyasi – it means that soon your good time is going to start.

  • Seeing a sage doing penance – means you should donate.

Other things that we see in dreams –

  • Cheating – Cheating with loved ones, is a very common dream, which is definitely visible to an emotionally depressed person. Cheating does not mean that your partner is wrong, but it is that you lack self-esteem, you feel guilty about yourself.

  • Flying – Seeing yourself flying means that you see yourself free above. You feel happy and well. You can go on a journey.

  • The appearance of God – It means you are going to get a lot of money.

  • Tortoise – You need the right understanding, patience, there is a lack of peace in your life, you have to walk slowly like a tortoise instead of running away in life.

  • Seeing broken glass – This dream is a bad sign, a sad event can happen in your life. There may be news of the death of someone close.

  • Open door – It means that a new beginning is going to happen in life, new friends can be made.

  • Earthquake – There is no emphasis on natural disaster earthquakes, it can come at any time anywhere. To see such a disaster in your dream means that there is going to be some trouble in the life of your child.

  • Wall – Seeing a wall in your dream means your respect will increase.

  • Applying kajal – You may have physical pain.

  • Seeing closed-door – You will lose money in the future.

  • Seeing yourself wearing glasses – means that your knowledge will increase.

  • Dung – It means you will get profit in your animal business.

  • The appearance of Diya – It also means that money will be received.

  • Cachi – It means that some kind of trouble is going to happen in your house.

  • Blackjack – You will get success.

  • Seeing roaming – It means, some unknown enemy is planning to harm you.

  • Seeing Chasing – Seeing someone running after you in your dream, it means that you are running away from some feeling inside you, you are getting nervous. Girls who see this dream means that they feel insecure around them.

  • Giving the exam – Seeing yourself giving an exam in the examination hall means that some kind of difficulty is going to come into your life, which will be no less than an exam for you.

  • Seeing wearing a ring – It means that you will get a good beautiful wife.

  • To see eating mango – means you are going to get money soon.

  • The appearance of green vegetables – It means that happiness is going to come into your life.

  • Jamun – It means the problems of your life are about to end.

  • Drinking water from the river – Seeing drinking water from the river in your dream means that you will get benefit from your boss.

  • Cotton (Cotton) – The appearance of cotton means that the time has come for your body to get rid of diseases.

  • Giving check – It means that you are going to get the wealth of ancestors.

  • Whip – Soon you are going to have a fight with someone.

  • Seeing eating eggs – It means that you will get a son.

  • Eating almonds – It means that you will get money.

  • Seeing walking on the bridge – It means that you should now work for the benefit of society in life.

  • Eating green vegetables – Happiness will come in life.

  • Watermelon – Enemies will increase.

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Here I have told you some things which are related to your dreams. Apart from this, there are many things that give meaning to your dreams.

What does it mean to see the same dream over and over again?

The meaning of the same dream over and over again is that all the conscious mind wants to remind some forgotten thing.

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FAQ of Sapno ka Matlab –

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Q: Why do dreams come?

Ans: Dreams are a special state of the human mind, its man does not exist in his personality. Dreams neither come in deep sleep nor while they are awake, but they come in the middle of both.

Q: What is the main reason for the dream coming?

Ans: The main reason for having dreams is your food and lifestyle. Along with this, the diseases of your body also have a special effect on the dream state.

Q: Do most of the dreams that come true come true?

Ans: No, according to the research, most dreams are meaningless, some dreams are related to our future.

Q: What is the effect of dreams on human life?

Ans: If you keep thinking most of the day, or if you are suffering from any disease, then you can have dreams at night. Such dreams have a negligible effect on the present and future of man. If you get a challenge, warning in a dream, then think about it after being a little conscious, it is important.

Q: What are the remedies to avoid having dirty, bad dreams?

Ans: Having dirty nightmares means you’ve got negative things/energy inside you. You should change your lifestyle. Think positive things and move forward in that.

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