What Is Mohalla Clinic | Information About Mohalla Clinics

What Is Mohalla Clinic | Information About Mohalla Clinics
What Is Mohalla Clinic | Information About Mohalla Clinics

What Is Mohalla Clinic | Information About Mohalla Clinics

What Is Mohalla Clinic: The government has been implementing many big schemes for the welfare of the people of the country and to secure their lives. Similarly, the Delhi Government had started the Mohalla Clinic scheme some time back to facilitate the people of Delhi and to solve some of the problems of their lives. This is such a scheme, under which all the members of poor families living in Delhi can be treated free of cost and they do not have to face much trouble.

Now with the opening of the Mohalla Clinic, the members of the poor families can immediately reach the Mohalla Clinic of their area and provide medicines on any disease, so that they will not have to wander far. Therefore, if you also want to know about Mohalla Clinic, then here you are being provided detailed information about what is Mohalla Clinic, Mohalla Clinic Scheme in English.

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What Is Mohalla Clinic

The opening of Mohalla Clinics was started by the Aam Aadmi Party in Delhi, where the Kejriwal government had set a target of opening 1000 Mohalla Clinics, but till now this target of Kejriwal has not been fulfilled, because there are some areas in Delhi so far.

A total of 110 Mohalla Clinics have been opened in India and now Kejriwal will again take steps to fulfill this goal in his next term.

This Mohalla Clinic works to provide better health services to two million people, but still, 89 percent of India’s population spends their own pocket money for health services, because till now only 17 percent of people in India get such treatment. Those who have got health insurance. In the Mohalla Clinic opened in 2015, the facility of 110 medicines and 212 diagnostic tests is provided completely free to the patients.

Mohalla Clinic Facility

The main objective of opening the Mohalla Clinic of the AAP government party in Delhi was to provide free health services to the people so that people do not need to wander here and there for medicines. This scheme is also called a primary health center, where facilities are provided to people to get rid of minor diseases like cold and fever.

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Along with this, with the introduction of the Mohalla Clinic, there is no overcrowding in government hospitals for minor medicines. At the same time, in the locality where people had to face a lot of problems regarding medicines, the AAP government had started Mohalla Clinics in those places, so that people could get their disease treated on time and get rid of it.

Discussion Of Mohalla Clinic

Mohalla clinics are opened in the form of the one-sixth clinic in the locality of the people, in which the sick and poor people are treated free of cost and they are provided high-level primary health facilities at very low cost. Diagnosis, medicines, and free test facilities are provided in this Mohalla clinic. Mohalla clinics are opened by taking a small room at someone’s place.

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Facility Of Free Surgery Scheme By Kejriwal

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has started a free surgery scheme for poor people along with Mohalla clinics. Under this scheme, people are provided the facility of getting treatment in private hospitals after waiting list for one month in government hospitals. Kejriwal had told while starting this scheme,

‘If you want to get surgery and investigation done in government hospitals of Delhi, then go to the hospitals, if the number is coming after a month for tests and surgery in the hospitals, then the patient should be sent to the doctor immediately. Will refer to a private hospital, a form will be given in the hospital, after filling the form and getting the signature of the nodal officer of the hospital, treatment can be done in the private hospital.

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