What Is Death Warrant | Information Related To The Death Warrant

What Is Death Warrant | Information Related To The Death Warrant
What Is Death Warrant | Information Related To The Death Warrant

What Is Death Warrant | Information Related To The Death Warrant

What Is Death Warrant: In the Constitution of India, many rules and laws have been made to run the country’s system, similarly courts were made to run the judicial system of the country. In these courts, according to the various sections written by the constitution, for the disposal of cases of any criminal incident, the judicial process is run, after the completion of this process, along with the decision by the court, the sentence is also completed. In these cases, some criminal incidents are serious, for which the court gives tough decisions. Similarly, information is being given about the death sentence executed for tough decisions, that is, what is the death warrant.

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What Is A Death Warrant

Due to the legal system of the country, for some serious cases, a death warrant is issued, for which the death penalty is given as a punishment. If seen, it is considered to be the harshest punishment of law and order.

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Now if we talk according to the legal process, then the total number of forms under the Code of Criminal Procedure-1973, i.e. Code of Criminal Procedure- 1973 (CrPC) is 56.

Now out of these, Form No – 42 is called Death Warrant. Above which, ‘Warrant of execution of sentence of death is written. Apart from this, it is also known as Black Warrant. This warrant is issued only after the judicial process is completed, only after which a person is hanged.

Death Warrant Rule

The death warrant form contains the number of the prison, the names and numbers of all the prisoners to be hanged, case numbers, date of issue of a death warrant, date and time of execution along with location information among others. Some information is written

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Apart from this, it is also written in this warrant “the prisoner should be hanged till his death”. The death warrant issued by the court reaches the jail administration directly. After the completion of the hanging process, the certificates related to the death of the prisoner are sent back to the court. Along with this, the Death Warrant is also returned.

Death Warrant For Prisoner

In the death warrant process, some provisions have also been made for the criminal, whose information is being given in this way –

  1. It has been made mandatory for any criminal to give prior notice of death warrant proceedings.
  2. The date of execution and its exact time should be written in the death warrant. There must be a reasonable time between the date of execution of the warrant with the signature of the judge so that the convicted prisoner can meet his family members, and in addition to following the legal remedies left to him.
  3. A copy of the warrant issued is made available to him.
  4. Apart from this, there is a provision to provide assistance for the legal options left with the offender.
  5. It will also be necessary for the person receiving the death penalty to be physically and mentally healthy, if it is not so, then the hanging will not be done.
  6. Before being hanged, the prison officer should be satisfied that the offender is completely healthy.
  7. There is a rule not to get any kind of work/labor from such a criminal, and it will be necessary to check his health twice a day.
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