Saloni Daini: must be able to practice often, as Comedy is the most difficult

Saloni Daini: must be able to practice often, as Comedy is the most difficult
Saloni Daini: must be able to practice often, as Comedy is the most difficult

Saloni Daini: must be able to practice often, as Comedy is the most difficult

Mumbai on August 6, (IANS) The stand-up comic Saloni Daini started off as an untrained child performer and is well-known for her character Gangubai in the show ‘Comedy Circus’. In the present, she is finished with college and has recently appeared as a character in the documentary “Right Age To Wed’. Saloni speaks about her film-making experience as well as her plans for the future.

“I began the career I am now in as a young comedian. In the beginning, I had no idea that it was going to become the norm. At first, I was just doing it to have fun, but later I realized that this is something I enjoy doing and this is the person I would like to be and I would like to be in the business.”

“So it’s been a wonderful experience for me. I’m very happy of having been in the business for so long. The positive thing is that I had a break and went back to school and completed college. Now , I’m looking forward to making an appearance as an actor and am working on some enjoyable projects. I’m loving every minute of this journey.” she says., who was also featured in a series of videos called “Main 13 Hoon” June of 2015.

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Saloni hasn’t thought too much about what roles she would like to play specifically. She is more than willing to explore and experiment.

“I just want to accomplish whatever is in my path. All work must be excellent and it must challenge me. I would like to develop as an actor, and master the art as much as I can. I’m also looking to follow the flow and see what is revealed to me and determine my next steps,” she adds.

In addition to fiction, Saloni also loves non-fiction.

“If we’re discussing “Bigg Boss,” “Roadies as well as ‘Splitsvilla and many more, I’d like to add that these are my guilty pleasures. While I’m sure these shows are sexy to my peers at times, after I’m done with my day, I love to watch ‘BiggBoss and watch the drama.

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“But should I get the chance to be participant on ‘BiggBoss”, I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to participate. Therefore, I’ll just have to take a look at it now. Yes, I would love to appear on stage and show off some of my work in collaboration with Salman Khan Sir,” she says.

Comedy is Saloni’s favorite kind of.

“We all know that comedy is the most difficult thing to master, you must train a lot since your timing in comics has to be spot-on. Another thing that’s unique to me is that when I’m performing a comic I am a fan of doing the scene repeatedly. I don’t care what number times keep going because I am awed by being present in the moment. I’m completely present.”

“And I’m enjoying myself while I’m there and not worrying about any other thing. I’m doing whatever is on my thoughts. In terms of comedy films It’s been a long time since I’ve watched such films in theaters. I love films such as “Bhool Bhulaiyaa 1” and “Hera Pheri”. I’m looking forward to going to the theater and see a comedy film and really am enjoying myself. I’m hoping to be included in the film she adds.

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If she was not an actor, nevertheless Saloni is sure to do something within this field only since she believes she is destined to work in the entertainment industry.

“Either I’d like to be a director or cinematographer. I’ve not been thinking about it too much, but I’m currently pursuing the Bachelor’s degree on Mass Media right now. I’m planning to also go out to learn about filmmaking. However, I am certain that I wouldn’t have done more to get into this field.

“So I’d love to be behind the scenes even if I was you were not an actor, because I like being part of the set and business,” She wraps her remarks.

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