How to Fall in Love With Boredom and Unlock Your Mental Toughness

How to Fall in Love With Boredom and Unlock Your Mental Toughness
How to Fall in Love With Boredom and Unlock Your Mental Toughness

How to Fall in Love With Boredom and Unlock Your Mental Toughness

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1. Introduction

Boredom is the number one reason people give up, despite the fact that it is the number one reason they have ever given up in their life. It’s not because they don’t want to do something, but they don’t know what to do.

People will stick with anything as long as it gives them a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction.

This means that, if you want to be successful in life, start a habit of feeling bored with your routine. This can be done through some small habits or actions that you perform regularly, even if only for a couple of minutes all day long. They may sound simple, yet organizations like Apple have found success by doing this daily — and probably more easily than we mean.

2. The Three Pillars of Mastery

You can’t win the lottery. You can’t have a million dollars in the bank. You can’t win every battle. No one ever mastered their craft by chance. It’s an accomplishment that is built on a specific skill. If you want to master your craft then you must practice it for

3. Discipline and the Dedication to Practice

The idea that you can become anything you want if you practice hard made me a little suspicious. Anybody can do what they want, but is it really true?

I’d tried several things and failed over and over again. I’d tried to work out every day for five years and my legs were too weak to carry heavy weights. I’d tried time after time to become a professional artist and never got any farther than drawing pictures of clouds on the beach. So I decided to just stop trying for a moment, look down at the floor, and think about all the things I had done wrong in my life.

Then something amazing happened: I realized all my failures had been part of the process of getting better at whatever it was I was trying to accomplish. You see, overcoming obstacles is like training in any other discipline: after you have learned how to do something right, it becomes second nature. It becomes automatic. You don’t need to think about it anymore – you know how to do it now because you have practiced so often that you don’t even have to think about it anymore.

The only way to get better at anything we want is by practicing every single day. Practice makes perfect — but practice makes sure! Because practicing will make sure that when a failure occurs, you are able and willing to learn from it and practice again next time without fail! If this sounds like a lot of work then try taking a look at your daily habits:

4. The Importance of a Coach

Coaching isn’t something that we do for the fun of it. Coaches are not like us. They aren’t motivated by money or fame. They aren’t like us because they don’t want to get fired in the morning.

They want to be able to make money and play with their children or grandchildren. They want to be happy in their work and make a positive impact on society, as well as their own family and community. Coaching is a very human endeavor, yet it is also very rewarding, as you can see in the following quote from legendary coach Pete Carroll :

“I enjoyed coaching so much because it took me out of myself—out of the way I was living my life in a certain direction—but along the way I got to know myself.”

5. Live Your Purpose and Set Your Goals

What is it that makes you say: “I am a writer but I’m not good at it. Zilch. Nada. Nothing.” ?

I’ve been asked this question so many times by clients and friends, “how can I learn to write better?” Why is this such a difficult topic for us? The answer is because we don’t teach ourselves how to do anything in life…it takes practice and experience to master any skill or art form. The same is true when you want to learn to write better – if you want to consistently produce better content, you will need to practice writing your own sentences and paragraphs daily for the next 12 weeks.

The purpose of this book is simple – it will help you facilitate the process of practicing writing every day, in order for you to become a better writer. Wouldn’t you like to get better at something that you love doing?

6. Conclusion

In this section I’d like to delve more into the subject of mental toughness and unlock your mental toughness mastery.

I’m not saying that you should cultivate a discipline of conquering boredom, but the ability to be able to withstand it is what separates the average person from a prodigy, an expert, and even someone who has made it to the top. You must be able to endure in order for you to become a world-class performer.

Let me explain with the example of football (soccer). A player must be able to withstand pain, discomfort and exhaustion in order for him/her to play at an elite level.

This isn’t as easy as it sounds. In fact, most people can’t handle an injury or two before becoming disinterested in their sport. Some people might have quit because they didn’t have “the stomach” — they weren’t ready physically or mentally — but this is not true for everyone. The mental toughness will change you into someone who can play at an elite level if you are willing to practice using “the right mind set.”

With all due respect, I think we could all benefit from becoming more mentally tough and less emotionally vulnerable as we age. It might sound weird talking about being tougher mentally when we usually think of ourselves as being softer around these parts (especially women), but I hope that my words resonate with some of you here: don’t let your emotions get in the way of your decisions!

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