Can Creativity Be Measured

Can Creativity Be Measured
Can Creativity Be Measured

Can Creativity Be Measured

In the last three years, the world has seen shortages of everything from semiconductor chipsto building materials to pet food cream cheese Heinz individually packaged ketchup containers and diapers for babies, baby formula along with the blue color. With recession warnings being sounded all over the world I believe that we’ll face a shortage of creativity also. In the past, we’ve witnessed that when economic conditions are weak and business leaders begin to view creativity as something they’ll be able to do less of. Even in the most prosperous of times, humans are swayed by the idea of ingenuity ideas that could be disruptive. ideas. We’re wired try to limit the risk of uncertainty.

One of the reasons is our current understanding or lack of understanding, about creativity. Through my professional career I’ve seen the advertising industry view creativity as if it were a mysterious phenomenon: an essentially theoretical phenomenon we believe exists however it is far beyond our understanding. We see creativity as a secret ingredient, that is unquantifiable, except for another factor: the award, fame, virality and sales growth. It sounds very uncertain.


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This tension is more evident than during the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity which ended this month. Marc Pritchard, Chief Brand Officer at Procter & Gamble, gave an unrelenting defense of creativity during the Cannes keynoteaddress, calling it an “superpower” and it’s a “force to grow,” as well as advising brands that will cut their budgets for creative. But he also acknowledged that CMOs have a hard time to convince their CFOs and CEOs “that marketing adds value and is worthy of investment,” and answering the question, “‘What is the business argument for creativity?”


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To begin, I completely support Marc’s interpretation of the market. If we believe that the importance of creativity as an component, then why aren’t we measuring and optimized it, as well as recognized it as we have done with other inputs to business? We track, quantify buy, sell and trade intangible capital, capital for humans along with working capital. What is the reason our industry has failed to measure and quantify the value of creativity? It’s unbelievable that we haven’t done it and especially so when we stand to gain by doing this–and plenty to lose should we fail to do it.

As the the global CEO of Huge one year ago I’ve come to the realization that we need to take creativity as a tangible input. It is a quantifiable amount which can not only be used to forecast business results and outcomes, but also demonstrate beyond doubt the crucial role that creativity is in generating steady growth to an organization.


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It’s time to go beyond the hunches, anecdotes and flashes of inspiration and create a universal, scientific discipline around the practice of creativity. It’s about time that creativity become the responsibility of every person within an organization, and not just a small group of individuals referred to as “creatives.” It’s about time that our industry embraces creativity, not by the choice of anyone, but due to necessity.

For us, there’s never been an appropriate time to begin. We live in an era in which, if something is affecting an audience, market or business, it is able to be quantified. For instance, whole companies have been created to assess the effectiveness of individual television ads.


how can be creativity measured in online advertising

What about the television shows themselves? A few years ago, there was no way to identify the reasons why one show did well while another did not; it was just a lot of guesswork. Then, streaming companies began to make television production an analytical endeavor. The most popular shows didn’t disappear off the radar, but streaming services became more adept in recognizing and analyzing elements that were important to the viewers. They shared these insights with showrunners, writers producers, agents, and marketers, who came up with the most enjoyable and binge-worthy content ever created.

The moment when creatives start to get nervous and who is to blame them? Because of the traditional symbiosis that separate data analysis from creativity their fears, they are earned. However, I’m not saying that creative thinking isn’t mechanical. The most creative thinkers, whether they’re in the field of media, product design fashion, product design… in any creative field, treat data as an adversary and a creative partner in the room. When I first was to be a participant in Cannes in 2016 I was thrilled to witness the first signs of data-driven creativity. the trend has only grown since when. It’s been demonstrated without a uncertainty that when your team is energized by the insights that are that are rooted in the motivations of your audience The brief is clearer and the work is more focused and the rewards more satisfying. Data is the essential component of any creative team’s success.


how can be creativity measured in online advertising quantitative research

However, that’s not enough. Utilizing data-driven insights for creativity-based concepting, or creative problem-solving as a whole, considers the creative process as an outcome and a “dividend.” Only when it is understood as the summation of all inputs, including (and impacting) an organization’s employees operations, products even its values will growth truly grow.

This is a more expansive broad definition of creativity than the majority of organizations. Through this wider-ranging lens all the important aspects of a company–from customer service, to recruitment to supply chain logistics–can be considered an input to measuring and creating creativity capital. Once you can measure it the next step is to adopt specific measures to decrease the performance of your business and boost the growth. The organization suddenly is not just more innovative and resilient, but also more resilient.


is creativity something that can be measured

We’ve been through the same thing and this isn’t working. When you first begin working with a customer or collaborator, it’s hard to evaluate the value of their creative work that they’ve created to date in a fair, consistent way. Let’s say you were able to. From this baseline you could forecast what direction you’d like to take. A majority of businesses’ KPIs are based on the notion: “This is where we’re at, and this is where we’d like to be.” When a customer and their co-worker base their decisions based on the same understanding of a particular data set They can make progress with a sense of confidence that is unmatched.

Okay, but how do we measure creativity? What are we able to measure? It is important to recognize the extent to which creativity begins with store-bought, half-baked ideas. If your focus group is comprised of 15 people, many of them in the group are there to receive an incentive gift card or another token reward–guess what? You will get the value you spend for. But we’ve typically gleaned fundamental conclusions from these flawed examples instead of approaching them with a more discerning, extensive and data-driven method.


creativity cannot be measured

Why not travel to a place the data center that is live, constantly changing, and real-time; examine the data pool and gain valuable inputs that guide the team’s creativity process? It’s similar to preparing an entire meal: Do need fresh ingredients or do you prefer of-the-shelf stuff that is flavorless and unappealing?

We’re here to address the issue and tackle it using a consistent methodological approach. Creative capital should be a continuous measure, not just a big time-based research project at the start and at the end in an interaction. The process of measuring creative capital doesn’t begin with endless questionnaires, but rather with the factors which matter. The pace at which a business’s launch dates could be a clue to its baseline for creative capital. It could be the amount of publicity it generates via search terms or social media interaction. Does the brand appear in conversations about technology? Semiotics and natural language processing analysis, supported by behavioral psychology-driven AI will be able to detect the signals that humans are unable to. (Yes machines can in the understanding and evaluation of the creative process.)


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Huge is focused on its data and insight capability in the present, and developing tools that allow businesses across the world to create and leverage creativity to attain their goals of business transformation by leveraging processes, new capabilities or even through cultural.

There is certainly a lot of complex to this. There’s subtlety. In the end, we’re dealing with the most slippery material on the planet emotional response. However, as more evidence points are added and continuous iteration and application the AI-driven system will be able to learn, improve and get more sophisticated. The noise of statistics will be eliminated and the accuracy of our knowledge and suggested next steps will improve.


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As Cannes brought us to remember each year, there’s a great sense of satisfaction in being creative. If a product, message or activity connects with the audience it is intended for It can create the connection that will last an entire lifetime. If we can communicate consistent messages to our partners in the brand, we will not only ensure creative investment, but also the existence of the entire industry.

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