Can Creativity Be Improved

Can Creativity Be Improved
Can Creativity Be Improved

Can Creativity Be Improved

TikTok is the most popular video sharing platform that has the most buzz currently, however YouTube remains a valuable platform for brands to utilize to promote internal communications, marketing as well as onboarding, employee engagement , and other uses. While TikTok is an excellent platform to increase exposure and brand recognition among the younger crowd using YouTube’s well-established platform, it is among the most popular methods for different age groups to enjoy videos.

If you have a strategic approach to sharing video content via YouTube and other platforms, companies can help their companies take advantage of the chance to make use of the many fascinating features that can help them engage their viewers. Here, the members of Forbes Communications Council share creative strategies for brands to make use of YouTube for 2022.

Forbes Communications Council members share innovative ways for brands to make use of YouTube in 2022.


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can creativity be improved

1. creativity is a process that can be developed and improved

YouTube is frequently utilized as a type of search engine. In this regard, companies should continue to upload videos on the platform. While uploading your videos, you should identify the keywords you want to use. Add keywords in the description, title and tag to increase view and reach. Extra tip: Cut the video into shorter clips then post them on TikTok and encourage your viewers to go to the full movie on YouTube. – Alysia Gradney, The Gudz

2. evaluate the empirical evidence suggesting that creativity can be improved

YouTube is the ideal source for tutorials and unboxing content. The majority of people still use YouTube to find this type of content, no matter their age. I believe TikTok is a great tool to draw attention or leverage influencers, however YouTube is ideal for providing longer-form content that can benefit your customers. – Shuchi Sarkar, Creo, Inc

3. can you increase your creativity

Brands who have turned to YouTube to create long-form videos have a new chance through Shorts. In the past, Google unveiled that Shorts boasts 1.5 billion monthly logged-in users and has 30 billion views daily and its reach is equivalent to TikTok. Together with the search capabilities of YouTube, Shorts provides brands with the opportunity to connect with new audiences in this age of social media. – Kate Kenner Archibald, Dash Hudson


4. what improves creativity

Each social media platform has their place in business. In the semiconductor industry, YouTube is utilized more by engineers and customers. base. This is a fantastic place to host company announcements tutorials, training videos and tutorials. Within our industry, TikTok can be effective to engage younger generations who are entering the workforce with rapid recruitment zingers as well as for generating excitement within the STEM field. – Kris Pugsley, Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

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5. creativity cannot be developed or improved

The most effective thing that companies can do is to leverage TikTok and YouTube to promote their products. For instance on TikTok make use of shorter videos to promote brands and their products. On YouTube make longer videos to present additional information on the product and provide customers with the product. The brand should never use an either/or approach to marketing. Instead, make use of the top platforms that are available. – Brittain Ladd,

6. how to increase your creativity and imagination

YouTube advertisers have a variety of ways to target their audience. The methods you can reach your target audience depend on numerous variables, including geographical area and demographics, topic of content Keyword channel, interest angle and more. If you are aware of how to tailor your advertisements, you’ll be able to send relevant ads to the appropriate people at the right time. – Jessica Wong, Valux Digital

7. 10 ways to be creative

With the number of virtual events happening these days, your business may be creating excellent video content to use at trade shows, events and webinars. Most of the time the hosts of the event will offer the video following the event to make use of. You should make sure you download the video clips, then upload the videos, and make them search engine friendly. This is a great method to reuse content and improve the visibility of your YouTube videos. – Tom Treanor, Snipp Interactive

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8. how to improve creativity skills at work

Similar to TikTok, YouTube is driven by individuals who are adept in the use of the platform. Look for ways to collaborate with influencers communicating with your viewers. There are many creative ways to collaborate, such as simple payment such as revenue share, or gifts. Viewers can watch strictly transactional games and can find fun concepts, thought leadership, as well as lively discussions. – Sarah Falcon, Object Edge

9. 100 ways to increase creativity

Even YouTube creators who have millions of subscribers usually earn less than you think. Find content creators that is relevant to your brand. You can ask them to sponsor one of their forthcoming productions or having them appear in something you are planning to create. It could be cheaper than you think. – Andrew Martin, Asia Online Publishing Group

10. how to increase creativity in students

Offer educational or helpful information and include your title and description using keywords that people could be searching to find on YouTube. When your intended audience seeks out videos on YouTube your content will easily be found and can establish your brand as useful. – Roshni Wijayasinha, Prosh Marketing

11. how to enhance creativity in entrepreneurship

What YouTube has over TikTok is more lengthy deep-diving, long-form videos. While TikTok videos can be as long as 10 minutes, the vast majority of users don’t utilize the channel in this way. YouTube can also be a superior platform for post-production of things such as how-to videos. Since it’s synchronized to Google’s platforms, YouTube is more trusted by the public, which means it gives companies a high rate of success between the discovery phase and conversion. – Jeremy Foreshew, Ambassador Software

12. enhance creativity meaning

YouTube Shorts is the ideal way to get your message across to Gen-X to Gen Z. Attention spans are limited, and the ability to communicate your message quickly is essential. Be sure to keep the viewers interested for more. In UNC Greensboro, we make use of ending cards on our 2-minute and 1-minute videos to highlight other similar videos. This helps keep viewers interested in our channel and learn more about us through an experience they like. – Kimberly Osborne, UNC Greensboro

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13. Post Your Company’s Entire Video Library To YouTube

TikTok could be great for sharing short, captivating videos, however platforms such as YouTube can allow companies to share longer , more extensive videos with more substance. Video is an ideal way to showcase the true personality of a brand and brand identity. The YouTube Channel is a fantastic platform to share your entire library of videos offering users the opportunity to connect with your company’s message and content. – Tom Wozniak, OPTIZMO Technologies, LLC

14. Repurpose Long-Form YouTube Videos For Social Channels

Upload your long-form video content on YouTube and then reuse your content into clips or GIFs to your other social networks and websites, or even in electronic blasts. This should all be tied to a unified marketing strategy designed to improve branding and boost your business. – Sally Frykman, Velodyne Lidar, Inc.

15. Create Useful Videos That You Would Want To Watch

Simple is best. Create videos you’d like to watch. “How can I” is among the most searched for terms on YouTube. Offer useful content and your viewers will be grateful to you. Do not try to be a guru onto every trend, it’s not genuine. – Scott Stevenson, Blackstone Products (North Atlantic Imports LLC)

16. Leverage Greater Flexibility In Terms Of Format, Tone And Engagement

While TikTok generates excitement and excitement, users of YouTube can avail the opportunity to experience a deeper entertainment experience that extends beyond the content created by users. With features like YouTube TV, podcasts and many more, YouTube enables a user to search through a huge collection of quality content, while giving creators more freedom in terms of style, tone, and engagement. – Tracey Santilli, Tierney

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