Can Creativity Be Developed

Can Creativity Be Developed
Can Creativity Be Developed

Can Creativity Be Developed

“Creativity” as well as “innovation” These are the two terms that are often used during meeting rooms, brainstorming sessions and mission statements for companies. There’s no doubt that these qualities are highly sought-after in the modern, fast-paced workplace however, do the leaders who make use of these terms actually recognize the distinction between them?

  • Innovation doesn’t always lead to breakthroughs or growth, but innovation can. However, innovation isn’t possible without the creative minds of those who are in the company.
  • In order to be creative, you must allow people to think out of the box and challenge the established norms at times.
  • If bureaucracy stifles the creative process, you’ll be the target of your business, allowing your competitors advance with their new sales growth.
  • This article is written for future founders and owners of businesses looking to know how to mix creativity and ingenuity to build truly unique businesses.


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What is Creativity?

The most human of traits creative thinking is evident by our ability to overcome problems or issues with new solutions. Shawn Hunter, author of Out Think: How Innovative leaders can create extraordinary outcomes (Wiley 2013) define creativity in terms of “the capability or the act of inventing something new or unique.”

The most important thing is that creativity is an idea on its own, but not a reality as of yet. Incredibly, creativity is individual to us as animals are unable to convey complex ideas and the majority of what they transfer is based on the instinct of their own or through examples.

can creativity be developed

Arne Dietrich Director of Research and Associate Professor at the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences at the American University of Beirut, Lebanon carried out research into creativity, which classified it into four categories of emotional and deliberate as well as cognitive and deliberate emotional, spontaneous and cognitive.

The human mind can be affected by any one of the four forms of creativity. Particularly for those working in the field of knowledge such as lawyers, researchers or doctors the deliberate and cognitive type of creativity can be evident working, however emotional and spontaneous creativity could be evident when engaged in an artistic pursuit.

Cognitive and deliberate creativity rely on concentrated attention and made connections between the information stored in the brain. They are based upon the prefrontal cortex as emotional and spontaneous creativity are rooted in the amygdala.

The key takeaway involves the spontaneous development ideas and thinking outside the box. Creativity is an essential requirement for innovation, however they’re not the same thing.

how can creativity be developed and nurtured

Hunter shares his own definition of the term: “Innovation is the implementation or creation of something unique which has value for others.” Innovation can be seen most clearly by way of an instrument, physical benefit or aid that helps solve problems or provides an advantage. The tools available aren’t restricted to humans. For instance, as per the Science Times bird and monkeys make use of sticks to extract food of narrow spaces. Thus, innovation is more feasible for various species in different environment.

can creativity be learned or developed

Doblin an international innovation company that assists leading businesses find human-centric solutions to business issues, has developed The Ten Types of Innovation Framework to help identify transformative opportunities, particularly for business. Based on research on more than 2000 innovations that have proven successful, Doblin outlined three broad categories that include business model, product and marketing.

Business model Specific to internal operations These configuration innovations look at the way an organization functions and generates revenue. They can pose a higher risk since they can alter the fundamental principles upon which businesses are built. Business model innovation is ideal for operators and owners recognize the need to expand their market, weak customer satisfaction, or obsolete technology.

Product: Almost always tangible, innovations in product enhance existing materials in some way, or result in the development of a totally new product. This is the most popular type of innovation. Famous examples include phones, fidget spinners and wireless headphones, as well as insoles for foot massage.


Marketing: Marketing innovations create new markets, or boosts the market share of existing ones. Marketing innovations are new, positively-disruptive ways for brands to talk to and engage with their consumers. Marketing innovations can not only create a new method to engage with people however, it could also be just as simple as promoting a product to be used in a different way that was originally intended.

The key takeaway is that an innovation can be demonstrated to make a often radical change in the quality of a service, product or industry. It’s a radical change, tangible and distinct from the established.

creativity is a process that can be developed and improved

Innovation and creativity, although closely related as a part of the creation process, aren’t exactly the two. It’s not measurable and is subjective, whereas innovation is at the base level, which is “new” is quantifiable because innovation is the development of something entirely new, whether it be a concept, product, or even method.

creativity can be developed through the following

Once an idea has been proven to be feasible Innovation is the easiest challenge for more players to meet. Creativity is the innovative step in being first one to recognize that something is feasible in the first place. However, innovation is the process of putting ideas into reality, despite obstacles and obstacles, not simply pondering. Both are vital for business but neither of them can result in real profits and revenue.

Business leaders often mix the words “creativity” and “innovation” without fully understanding the difference between them.

“Creativity doesn’t mean an innovation,” Hunter told Business News Daily. “If you go to an idea-sharing session and think up an endless list of innovative ideas, then you’ve demonstrated your the ability to think creatively, but there’s no innovation until something is implemented.”


analyze two ways in which employee innovation and creativity can be developed

Hunter observed that executives focus on generating innovation on demand, instead of simply creating new products as well as processes and interactions.

“Innovation isn’t just a white box” He said. “It is often a matter of making small modifications to products, processes or interactions. By focusing on the processrather than the creative genius of the individual We can develop the capacity to innovate at a larger large scale.”

An excellent example of ingenuity that was featured by CNBC with Karen Gilchrist was Sergey Petrossov. He saw the demand for a software program that could connect the low-use of luxury aircrafts to travelers who are willing to share their travel plans with one with one. The pieces of this market were in place however the key was Petrossov who created the bridge between them by using software to establish an entirely new business, JetSmarter.

Also, a the process can be replicated and scaled and scalable; however, a creative person isn’t. Petrossov was unique in recognizing the need to establish an entirely new market. However, his code was duplicated by other programmers once it was written. When leaders understand the difference between innovation and creativity and are able to work to encourage both team members and creating the right culture to support these values.

would you agree that creativity can be learned and developed in what way and how

Innovation and creativity contribute to the growth of a company and overall success through filling specific needs in markets that differentiate businesses from other businesses and transforming an image as consumer preferences and demands change. Innovation and creativity help keeps an organization moving.

analyse two ways in which employee innovation and creativity can be developed

“While leaders can be a catalyst for creativity, the organization is a whole has to also encourage innovation by influencing its culture and how it develops its processes,” Hunter said. “Sometimes the best method to encourage innovation is permitting activity within the company that is different from the norm, but which could result in positive outcomes.”

The issue lies in encouraging people to think and think of new possibilities of what is possible. Creativity is usually linked to culture and art however it’s not necessary for one to become Leonardo da Vinci; what is important is that someone is open to imagining the possibilities of a different world that isn’t in the norms.


creativity cannot be developed or improved

This is the place where the idea that could be implemented begins. Think about crowdsourcing ideas to create additional possibilities. The most difficult part, naturally is taking that brilliant idea and transforming it into a tangible or technological prototype.

Hunter pointed to the creation of Starbucks the now-famous Frappuccino beverage as an illustration of managers who give their employees flexibility allows for creativity to flourish into innovative. In the early 1990s employees at the Santa Monica, California Starbucks created a brand new drink and requested an executive suggest the drink to headquarters, which was eventually rejected. The same Starbucks created a different beverage (the Frappuccino), and the CEO asked staff to create the drink available the beverage to the local population. The drink quickly became popular and the company’s management group took the innovative idea to the corporate level after its effectiveness was established.


you are born with creativity it cannot be nurtured and developed

“The Frappuccino turned out to be among Starbucks their most popular as well as profitable beverages,” Hunter said. “And according to Starbucks’ former vice director for sales and operationsHoward Behar, who was then the company’s vice president of sales and operations Howard Behar, it happened because someone was given the opportunity and even encouraged to try out the creation of a product that diverged from the main brand of drinks.”

What is the definition of creativity and ingenuity for business?

In essence The two components are about shaking the boat The current norm is not adequate and what is the alternative and how can be made a reality? Entrepreneurship is dependent on the creation of new ideas and innovations to generate unique opportunities, market disruptions and the creation of new income streams. The internet wouldn’t be possible if scientists accepted telephone lines and satellites as sufficient for communications. We can’t imagine surviving without internet access to every aspect of our lives. It required creativity and ingenuity to create this possibility.

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