What Is VoWiFi | Full Form Of VoWiFi | Information Related To VoWiFi

What Is VoWiFi | Full Form Of VoWiFi | Information Related To VoWiFi
What Is VoWiFi | Full Form Of VoWiFi | Information Related To VoWiFi

What Is VoWiFi | Full Form Of VoWiFi | Information Related To VoWiFi

What Is VoWiFi: In the present time, most people have smartphones, but having a good phone is not a good thing, for that, we need to have a good network to talk to our phone well, but there are many areas where But there is a lot of network problem, due to lack of network, many people’s work gets interrupted. To solve these problems, Airtel had earlier released its VoWiFi Calling facility and now Reliance Jio has also started offering its VoWiFi facility.

Now people can make calls even without a network by taking advantage of VoWiFi. So if you are also troubled by the network problem and want to know about VoWiFi, then here you are being provided detailed information about what is VoWiFi, the full form of VoWiFi, VoWiFi Meaning in English.

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What is VoWiFi

VoWiFi is a technology through which people are being provided the facility to make calls without a network. This service is based on a SIM card, in which the network is not required to make calls. Along with this, people can make Voice calls and Video calls very easily through VoWiFi. Users can take advantage of VoWiFi Calling by connecting to Home Wi-Fi, Hotspot, or Public Wi-Fi, etc. If you go somewhere, there is a lot of network problems there, but if you have a WiFi facility available with you, then voice calls can be made with VoWiFi in such places.

Full Form Of VoWiFi

The full form of VoWiFi is “Voice over Wi-Fi”, which means “voice calling via WiFi” in English. Internet Voice Call facility has been provided in this. Along with this, Voice over IP (VoIP) is used in VoWiFi technology. It is also called WiFi Calling. Just like now, users make calls using VoLTE, in the same way, with the help of VoWiFi, calls can also be made through Wi-Fi.

Mobile Phones Using VoWiFi

People who have an Apple iPhone can make calls without a network through VoWiFi. Along with this, Xiaomi has supported VoWiFi Calling in its Redmi K20, Redmi K20 Pro, and Poco F1. This support is being provided with the new MIUI 11 update. Apart from this, users having smartphones from Samsung and OnePlus can also take advantage of this feature.

How To Make VoWiFi Calls

  • To activate VoWiFi or WiFi Calling feature in the phone, first, you have to go to the phone’s settings.
  • After this, if VoLTE is not started on the phone, then first you start it.
  • Then you will see the feature of Wi-Fi Calling in Network Settings by connecting to a Wi-Fi network. Apart from this, this setting may be different in different Android phones.

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