What are Google Docs And Why Should You Use it?

What are Google Docs And Why Should You Use it?
What are Google Docs And Why Should You Use it?

What are Google Docs And Why Should You Use it?

What is Google Docs: What is Google Docs? Google Docs (aka Doc) is a word processing application integrated into the free online version of Google Docs, which includes Google Sheets, Google Slides and Google Drawings. Users can save and edit files in this program. This means that you are able to create your own virtual whiteboard, with which you can communicate with your team or just get work-related tasks done. If you are not familiar with this application, below are some points on what is Google Docs.

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What is Google Docs

If you use the online version of Google Docs, it will automatically save your work into an offline folder. You can either sync your work into your desktop or laptop or access it through your browser.

This is one advantage of this document management application over others – document contents are saved either in the desktop or laptop format, and you can access and edit them from any location.

Google Docs Used For

Documents in this file format can be shared with other users via the web. They can also be edited by other people, just like any other type of computer file.

One advantage of this over other formats is that the user doesn’t have to go through a lot of steps in opening and editing a file in this format.

There are a few different features in Google Docs, which make it so popular among the masses. First, if you are an instructor, you can create lesson plans for your online class with the help of Google Slides and Drawings.

Google Docs Sheets And Slides

If you are a writer, you can easily create short write-ups using Google Docs’ capability to add-in formatting. And if you are into business, you can add-in modules, such as spreadsheets, forms and calendars, from third-party developers.

Google Docs And Sheets

One of the most important benefits offered by Google Docs is the option to share documents. You can even give someone else permission to edit them (just as you would with any other type of computer file, such as a spreadsheet or a document in Microsoft Word).

And, if you’re using the web version, you can also attach files from your desktop or laptop, e-mails, and even links to social networking sites. All you need to do is click on “Share” and then choose the file option.

Google Docs Template

The system will then ask you whether you want to allow other users to access the document or not, and you can choose the “‘option to prevent others from being able to change any of the document contents.

Google Docs Footnotes

Another Footnote present in Google Docs is the option to include figures and other elements in your document. You can do this either during the upload or at the bottom of a page.

In addition, you can apply different formatting to your figure as well. If you’re not comfortable with formatting your own figures, you can use one of the many predesigned templates that are available on google Docs.

Margins In Google Docs

There’s also an option to make changes to the formatting of your document at any time. This is very useful, since you don’t have to remember when you had to make the last changes to the document before you can upload it or publish it.

Features Of Google Docs

You can also go the “baths” approach, which means you can include automatic changes made to your document in the future, so that your changes won’t be lost if you want to update your document.


Even better, Google Docs has integrated support for a wide range of collaboration tools. This includes desktop publishing tools like Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Office. It also comes standard with the latest version of Google Docs (version 10), so you won’t need to install any additional collaboration tools on your computer. As well as being able to edit your documents directly from Google Docs, your collaborating partners will be able to see all of your work, as well, making collaboration with co-workers easier than ever.
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