How To Become A Tehsildar: Complete Information About Becoming A Tehsildar

How To Become A Tehsildar: Complete Information About Becoming A Tehsildar
How To Become A Tehsildar: Complete Information About Becoming A Tehsildar

There are many states in our country, and each state is made up of many districts, there are many tehsils in a district, the officer in charge of this tehsil is the tehsildar, the tehsildar and naib-tehsildar are the chief officers in the revenue administration, and assistants. Collectors exercise the powers of grade, Tehsildar and Naib-Tehsildar Sub-Registrar do the main work of revenue collection and supervision, the post of Tehsildar is an important post of the district, how can one become a Tehsildar / Naib Tehsildar? We are telling you about this in detail on this page.

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How To Become A Tehsildar

Educational Qualification (Tehsildar / Naib Tehsildar)

To become a Tehsildar, the candidate must have passed graduation or post-graduation from any recognized university.

Age Limit (Tehsildar / Naib Tehsildar)

Candidate age should be minimum of 21 years and a maximum of 42 years.

Selection Process (Tehsildar)

There are three stages in the selection process-

  • Screening Test
  • Main Exam
  • Interview
  • Screening Test

1. Screening Test

To become a Tehsildar, a test has to be given under the first stage of the examination, the candidate passed in this examination is included in the main examination.

2. Main Exam

The candidates appearing in the main examination have to work hard in this examination, and this examination is more difficult than the test examination, to get success in this examination, the candidate needs the right guidance.

3. Interview

The interview is the last stage of the examination, successful candidates in the test and main examination are included this examination, in this process, some questions are asked to the candidates, through which the eligibility of the candidates is assessed, and it is seen. , that the answers to the questions asked to the candidates are satisfactory, or not, on the basis of which they are declared successful.

Tehsildar Salary

Rs. 9,300 to Rs. 34,800+ is given as salary for the post of Tehsildar, along with vehicle, building for residence, many employees and many other facilities are given.

Functions of Tehsildar

  • Listening to land disputes and resolving problems
  • supervise the work done by the patwari
  • Ensuring that land records are properly maintained
  • Ensuring proper collection of land revenue
  • Ensuring that farmers can easily get a copy of their records
  • For students, the caste certificate, residence, income, and various types of certificates are valid by the signature of the Tehsildar.
  • Land acquisition and property acquisition matters are prepared by his office, his main function is to launch immediate relief operations for the loss caused by any natural calamity or obstacles.
  • Compensation is managed by the Tehsildar by assessing the total loss of crops due to any reason and fixing.
  • Tehsildar keeps track of food items and supplies for seed and fertilizer requirements of his Tehsil

Naib Tehsildar Selection Process

To become a Naib Tehsildar, the candidate has to appear in the interview after passing the written examination in the first phase, the successful candidates in the interview are selected for the post of Naib Tehsildar.

50% of the posts of Naib Tehsildar are filled by direct recruitment and 50% by promotion from Inspector cadre, the selection is done by conducting competitive examination by Rajasthan Service Commission for direct recruitment, percentage of promotion posts are Land Records Inspector, 5% There is a provision to fill the post of Land Management Inspector and 3 percent from Colonial Inspectors, 85 percent of the posts of Tehsildar are filled by promotion.

Naib Tehsildar Salary

Naib Tehsildar gets Rs. 9300/- to Rs. 34800/- as salary, along with these government buildings and vehicles and other employees are given for residence.

Essential Tips for How to Become a Naib Tehsildar

  • To become a Naib Tehsildar, first of all, set your goal, that is, after setting the target, do not change it.
  • To get success in the examinations of Naib Tehsildar, make a timetable and try to do all the work according to the timetable, initially, you are likely to face difficulties, but if you work continuously for a few days, you will have to work on time. will be practiced
  • Try to solve previous years old papers to crack the exam, this will give you an idea about the pattern that will be asked in the exam.
  • In the examination of Naib Tehsildar, you are asked some questions related to general knowledge, current affairs, so it is necessary for you to study daily newspapers, news, magazines published on competitive examinations.
  • Internet is being used the most in the present time, with the help of the internet, you can get information about the latest current affairs, and current events happening, which is very important from the exam point of view.

Functions of Naib Tehsildar

The Naib Tehsildars are responsible for the collection of land revenue and other dues due to the government, being in touch with subordinate revenue staff, observing the weather conditions and condition of crops, listening to farmers’ difficulties, and disbursing loans. For this, the Naib Tehsildar extensively visits the areas under his jurisdiction.

He informs his higher authority for the decision of land-related disputes, in addition to improving the entries in the account books, providing relief to the people suffering from natural calamities, and also sitting in the courts to settle the tenancy disputes.

Difference Between Tehsildar and Naib Tehsildar

The officer in charge of the Tehsil is called the Tehsildar, however, there is no significant difference between the revenue and magisterial duties of the Tehsildar and the Naib Tehsildar, in revenue matters exercising the powers of the Assistant Collector, Grade II in their circles as Circle Revenue Officers. The Tehsildars and Naib Tehsildars are appointed as ex-executive magistrates in the district of their post, provided they have passed the relevant prescribed departmental examinations in the Criminal Law paper in the standard as well as in the language paper.


A Tehsildar is divided with the powers of Assistant Collector, Grade I, Naib Tehsildar is not included with this power, in addition as the Senior Revenue Officer of the Tehsil and in charge of it overall, the Tehsildar in the Mandal Revenue The officer has the powers to coordinate and distribute the work between the Naib Tehsildar and himself, the Tehsildar is a Class II Gazetted Officer of the State Government, and is capable of making and issuing certificates as a Gazetted Officer, while the Naib Tehsildar has this rights not obtained.

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