How To Become A Civil Engineer? Can Improve Your Knowledge.

How To Become A Civil Engineer? Can Improve Your Knowledge.
How To Become A Civil Engineer? Can Improve Your Knowledge.

How To Become A Civil Engineer? Can Improve Your Knowledge.

How To Become A Civil Engineer?“: How to become a Civil Engineer? Every student wants to make his bright future, for this he starts discussing from high school, and he chooses the subject in Intermediate on the basis of his goal, which further prepares the foundation to achieve the goal, if If you want to become a civil engineer, then you must do it in Intermediate Science class with PCM group. A civil engineer does the work of making a design, construction, road, building, house building, dam, etc. The work is started on the basis of that map. How to become a Civil Engineer? We are telling you about this in detail on this page.

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How To Become A Civil Engineer?

What Is Civil Engineering?

Civil engineering is a professional engineering course, after successfully completing this course you will be called a civil engineer. The job of a civil engineer is to do construction, design of roads, buildings, houses, dams, etc., it is an important and responsible job.

You can do civil engineering in two ways, the first is a diploma in civil engineering and the second is a degree in civil engineering. Diploma in Civil Engineering is a three-year course, after which you will be called Junior Civil Engineer. Degree in Civil Engineering This is a four-year course, after doing this you will be called a civil engineer.

Qualification Of Diploma In Civil Engineering

To do Diploma in Civil Engineering, you must have passed high school, after that you can do this diploma from Polytechnic.

Qualification Of Degree In Civil Engineering

To get admission in Degree in Civil Engineering, you must have done Intermediate in Science stream with PCM Group (Maths, Physics, Chemistry) and you should have 60% marks in Inter. With which you can appear in the entrance exam of civil engineering (IIT, AIEEE, etc.).

Civil Engineering Subjects

There are such types of subjects in civil engineering, which you can choose.

  • Coastal Engineering
  • structural engineering
  • construction engineering
  • Earthquake Engineering
  • Environment Engineering
  • forensic engineering
  • geotechnical engineering
  • material science engineering
  • Outside Plant Engineering

How To Become A Civil Engineer?

You can become a civil engineer in this way-


You must have passed Intermediate Science stream with 60% marks in PCM Group (Maths, Physics, Chemistry)

Entrance Exam

You can participate in IIT, AIEEE which conducts entrance exam at All India level, if you pass it, you will get admission in good college, apart from this at state level also. The examination is organized, you can participate in it and get admission in the college, apart from this, many colleges also give direct admission, but their fees are very high.

If you have passed the entrance exam, then you will have to take part in the counseling after that, the higher your marks, the better the college will be provided to you.

Civil Engineering Bachelor Degree

After getting admission in the college, you will have to study civil engineering for four years, in this you will be provided with information about the house map and design, along with this you will be given information about the fine and important points in civil engineering. To become a good civil engineer you have to get good marks

Civil Engineer An Internship

After doing civil engineering degree you have to do internship, so that you can get experience, for this you have to work with a professional civil engineer and get experience, after doing civil engineering degree if you are in any company. If you apply, you are asked for experience, so it is very important to do internship.

Apply for License And Certified For Civil Engineer

After gaining experience in the field of civil engineering, you have to apply for the license, after getting the license you will become a certified civil engineer. In this way you can become a civil engineer.

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