Helmet Movie Review: Condoms Convey Satire With A Sprinkling Of Giggles

Helmet Movie Review: Condoms convey satire with a sprinkling of giggles
Helmet Movie Review: Condoms Convey Satire With A Sprinkling Of Giggles

Helmet Movie Review: Condoms Convey Satire With A Sprinkling Of Giggles

Helmet: A back, John Abraham in Bollywood upset a major social issue taken cover behind a drape in a satire with Vicky Donor. While delivering this film, John Abraham gave an interesting precious stone to Bollywood – Ayushmann Khurrana. Discussing sperm gift, Vicky Donor began another part throughout the entire existence of Hindi film. 

Presently very nearly 10 years after the fact, entertainer Dino Morea, who is supposed to be John Abraham’s opponent, has attempted to introduce one such friendly issue in precisely the same manner, with Aparshakti Khurana, sibling of Ayushmann Khurrana. Aparshakti, in the past has won hearts in a few movies with his amazing comic planning in supporting jobs. Helmet is his first significant business film as a lead entertainer. 

Abhishek Banerjee, Ashish Verma and Pranutan Bahl are supporting Aparshakti Khurana in the film. In any case, we will disclose to you how fruitful this movie of chief Satram Ramani is. Helmet makes an honest effort to be a social parody. Aparshakti Khurana conveys condom parody with a sprinkling of giggles. Be that as it may, punctured condoms are to no end however much this parody film. 

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Story Of Helmet 

Helmet is the account of Lucky (Aparshakti Khurana) who is an artist in a band organization and experiences passionate feelings for Rupali (Pranutan Bahl), the niece of his chief. Both need to get hitched yet Rupali has a relationship with a rich NRI fellow and is fortunate to have dropped. In such a circumstance, Lucky requirements cash with the goal that he can wed Rupali and to bring in this cash just section is made in the film of condom which will become Brahmastra for Lucky in the film. 

So Ashamed Of Condoms In Helmet 

The film is set in a locale of Uttar Pradesh where condom deals are incredibly low since individuals are embarrassed to request condoms. That is the reason nobody even notices the name of detainment. These individuals incorporate Lucky and his two companions – Sultan (Abhishek Banerjee) and Minus (Ashish Verma). However, when every one of the three have an energy to bring in cash. Also, karma allows them an opportunity to become rich with exactly the same thing that nobody requests everybody – condoms. How these three young men eliminate their disgrace about condoms and how they make everybody prone to utilize condoms, eliminating the disgrace of the whole locale, is the plot of the whole film. 

Can’t Save Film On Helmet Made Of Condom 

Talk about the film’s Oneliner – If nobody needs to be asked by everybody, then, at that point Satram Ramani has attempted to raise the structure of the whole film on the construction of this one line. This line is likewise solid to such an extent that an extravagant structure might have remained on it. Simultaneously, the huge entryway of this structure is the condom, which has been given the name of head protector in the film in an extremely fabulous way. These two things are sufficient to make the film an incredible social parody. However, Satram Ramani fizzles in the film in spite of utilizing them. 

Coordinating Of Helmet 

The movie is coordinated by Satram Ramani and the first screenplay is likewise his. In any case, the establishment of the film for example its content is totally level. The dull screenplay on a hazardous issue like condom does unfairness to a tragic level with a decent and solid story. The account of the film is just about as solid as Satram Ramani makes it in a similar dull manner. There is no impact of any scene on you. At whatever point there is discussion of significant issues in the film, when those scenes come, the film has become so lumbering that you simply need to end it. 

Acting In Helmet 

We should discuss the fundamental cast of the film – Ayushmann Khurrana, Pranutan Behl, Ashish Verma and Abhishek Banerjee. Together, every one of the four attempt to expand this film yet nothing critical comes from anybody’s part. Maybe it is smarter to fault the author for this as this load of four entertainers have recently exhibited their acting ability in every one of their undertakings and have won the hearts of the crowd. Yet, in this movie it appears to be that the four entertainers are running aimlessly in the film and make a decent attempt to win the hearts of the crowd yet come up short. 

Helmet Supporting Cast 

The film is brimming with supporting entertainers. From Ashish Vidyarthi to Jameel Khan to Sharib Hashmi to Ranjan Raj. And this load of entertainers attempt to attach this film with their experience however just two entertainers prevail in this. The first is Jameel Khan whom you probably found in Sony’s series Gullak. In this film additionally Jameel Khan attempts to win hearts in his little person and furthermore succeeds. 

Head protector Technical Side 

Head protector is a cheerful social film however there is no satire in this film. A few scenes with Sanand Verma have ended up being acceptable however perhaps it is simply because of him being on screen. From the music of the film to the discoursed, everything is blurred. Then again, assuming the film was fixed with altering, maybe it would have had the option to keep the crowd attached somewhat. 

Helmet Drama With Emotion 

At the point when satire doesn’t work in the film, then, at that point different things are attempted to be added to it. From dramatization to feeling. Not just this, an endeavor is made to connect the film with the measurements of the country’s public issue populace blast. In general, such a khichdi is made in the film, so it is bland to the point that you won’t eat it under the impulse of sickness. 

Helmet Film Is A Complete Failure 

Helmet is an all around made film that might have been a decent short film or a half hour web scene. However, in 1.30 hours, this film is neither ready to introduce its issue in an engaging manner nor is it ready to make mindfulness about the significant issues with respect to condoms. While the film attempts to do this. There ought not be anything identified with this issue that has been missed in the film – from sex issues to overpopulation. 

Frustrating Movie Of Helmet 

In general, Helmet is an extremely baffling film on a decent subject. The starcast of the film is acceptable which will frustrate you through this film and it will make your heart tragic to see these gifted entertainers being squandered in this film. Film 1.5 stars from our side.

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