Can Creativity Be Taught Essay

Can Creativity Be Taught Essay
Can Creativity Be Taught Essay

Can Creativity Be Taught Essay


Creativity was always important to me , since I’ve always had an insatiable thirst for knowledge. I’ve always written since I could write (diary and stories, poems and essays to have enjoyment). I learned to create and program when I was nine years old. I’ve been freelancer since I purchased my first computer that had dial-up internet.


I am determined to have the freedom to design whatever I’d like to. My career began at the age of 19 and I was awed by my job but did the same kind of work year after year, with lengthy hours that made me exhausted and lacking no motivation to tackle my most cherished projects.


After I was satisfied that I had acquired enough knowledge that I had learned enough, it was the time to expand my perspective. It’s impossible to grow by doing the same thing over and again.


If the company provided more freedom and autonomy to take on various projects or tasks I might have stayed longer.


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can creativity be taught

Creatives are complex, messy, profound introspective, contradictory minds fueled by dopamine and plasticity that balance the divergence and convergence. Being born as a creative, I realized early the importance of creativity -everywhere in life. Creativity requires inspiration , and it’s difficult to find inspiration when your culture doesn’t encourage creativity.


According to Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi creativity is a major source of value for our daily lives. It doesn’t matter if it was inherently ingrained into us from the beginning or not crucial for our wellbeing.


This is why I want to ask: are you giving your staff members the chance to express their creativity?


The top causes for discontent in the workplace are due to a lack of interest or excitement. If we’re not challenged to think creatively then we’ll begin to become bored and slack. Our brains are built to grow because that’s how our species evolved to get to where we are now. When we’re not being engaged, we’re not happy.

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This is mostly caused by the dopamine-based reward system we developed through. The ability to apply innovative ideas to work can make it more meaningful and enjoyable.


Creative thinkers are able to feel empowered engaged participants, not an unimportant cog in the machine. This can lead to increased productivity and creativity. If you are able to encourage this among your employees and you are likely to be amazed by the positive ROI you’ll get. Creativity is the top ability around the globe.


What is the definition of creativity in the workplace?

Creativity happens when unique and unconventional ideas and solutions come together. This can mean thinking outside of the box in conceiving solutions that aren’t obvious to everyone else and seeing possibilities that go beyond the boundaries.


Work environments that are creative and inherently challenging, encouraging innovative thinking, are open for new concepts, provide assistance and resources. In the end, you need to be able to trust your employees and provide them the autonomy they need.


latest research on creativity


The ability to think creatively is crucial for solving difficult problems, particularly in our highly-evolving world.

Creativity can be infectious and inspiring which encourages teamwork and collaboration.


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The ability to be creative keeps employees engaged as they take ownership of their work.

The more creative workplaces tend to draw and keep employees.

why creativity cannot be taught

A study carried out by the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence revealed that supervisors can determine the quality of a person’s work experience. The study of more than 15,000 employees in the U.S. showed that supervisors who have a high level of emotional intelligence gave the employees more opportunities to learn, grow and grow at work, which ultimately leads people to be more optimistic about their job and displaying greater creativity and creativity.

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A leader who is emotionally intelligent is adept at interpreting their employees’ moods and understanding why they’re unhappy and how their decisions could influence how the team is feeling at work. They can control their own emotions as well as those of their employees who are upset or stressed by acknowledging their emotions.


Being a leader who is emotionally smart can strengthen the bond between your team and you which results in more satisfied and productive employees.


creativity cannot be taught quote

Creativity isn’t a skill. Creativity is a mental state.


Don’t be ego-driven to listen, learn and. If your employee has an idea for getting tasks done faster It’s in your best interest to be attentive. Instead of slamming their ideas, try to be curious and open. Being open to other perspectives can often lead to positive ideas. Teamwork makes dream work!


Create a more diverse work environment, with less artificial hierarchies. The autocratic top-down style of management are not the best option for the field you work in since it contains significant elements of control and micromanaging, which can limit creativity.


Instead, become an inspirational leader who can bring unity to motivate your team. Innovative environments allow employees to grow. It’s the people who create the product and you’ll need put money into their development.


Plan your office to facilitate collaboration. For instance an open floor plan that has some closed cubicles should be considered in the event that more introverted employees want to be alone. It is your responsibility as a manager to cater to every worker as an individual, with their own preferences, needing different ways of managing.


The most important thing is crucial to be able to trust your employees. It’s a team effort and you have hired them to serve a purpose. If you’d like to listen or not discontent will reflect poorly on you as the manager, therefore, if they’re seeking changes from you and you aren’t at the table to listen. If the requests are not realistic that it might be the right time to make a change in your hiring.

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do you think creativity can be learned or is it a natural talent

Develop a mindset of a beginner. Make it appear as if you’re a beginner. Ask questions and seek out innovative and more efficient methods of doing things.


Have insatiable curiosity. The curious people learn constantly, which means they have an extensive library of information to use when they have to think of creative solutions.


Write every single day. Writers are among the most imaginative peoplesuch as poets, comedians screenwriters, and comedians.


can creativity be learned by a person


Physically observing ideas can help your brain see the world in a new way, giving you new perspectives that are surprising. If I’m looking to dive deep into a subject it is my intention to write an essay, or an article about it since it aids in learning and research. Then, I am able to gain knowledge and am in awe of other things. The constant stimulation of your mind will help it become capable of coming up with innovative solutions easily.


Do something each day. It doesn’t matter if it’s five pages from an ebook you’re reading or a fascinating article. Be consistent because you’ll never stop learning or be amazed.


Get outside. Nature inspires you because it relaxes you and helps you return to your state of mind. If your brain is relaxed and your body is relaxed, magic occurs. It is now possible to discover clarity and connections between different things that may not be able to clearly correlate.


creativity cannot be taught essay

Encourage creativity within your corporate culture, giving everyone a sense that includes your employees, your company and even you. What are you willing to risk?

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